We design for you

We analyze the most cutting-edge market trends, orders, opinions and proposals that come to us. With this information the creative process begins, in which we shape our information by making our clients' dreams and demands come true.
The time to turn patterns into designs is unique and magical. The work of the patronist is meticulous and essential. Build the garment on the paper that will serve as the basis for cutting the tissue.
The expert hands of our team join the different pieces and build the garment carefully. This first sample is used for tests of size, elasticity, washing, quality ... and thus guarantee its optimum state.
We choose our fabrics with great care so that each garment is special, different and has the Valentina seal. We cut the fabric by hand, piece by piece, to make the first sample in our workshop.
Once the sample is approved, our European workshops are launched and in a few weeks our warehouse is filled with our designs, available for all our Valentinas.
This process never stops, we are always creating, so that every week there is a new product in the store.