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Black Friday 2024 in fashion

We are already thinking about the super PROMOTION of Black Friday 2024 where you will have the best prices on dresses, t-shirts, skirts, pants, coats, shoes, ankle boots... A 🔥 true madness 🔥 like every year. We want to beat our own record. A few days where you can get your favorite clothes almost for free.

Remember that our fashion Black Friday is perfect for getting basics that you are going to wear all year round, trendy clothes that you had not dared to wear and it is the ideal time to start shopping for looks and gifts for Christmas to the best prices. A party dress for your sister, your friend's favorite sports shoes, a coat for mom... Are you ready?

When is Black Friday?

This year 2024, Black Friday will take place on Friday, November 29. Every year, this holiday of discounts is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. This holiday, in turn, is placed on the calendar on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. However, we will start our campaign a few days before so that you can enjoy ten days of unrepeatable offers.

Do clothing stores celebrate Black Friday?

We can't talk about other online clothing stores, but we do know that at VALENTiNA you will enjoy the most spectacular Black Friday for women's clothing in Spain. It is the best time of the entire year to do your Christmas shopping, and the reason is very simple: during this date the best discounts occur. We have the philosophy of continually improving ourselves to continue growing, and last year was incredible.

If you want to be the first to know about our Black Friday offers, subscribe to our newsletter. We can already tell you that you will find our clothes on sale and that our fashion inventory sells out in record time. Don't let it catch you by surprise!

What kind of discounts and offers will there be on VALENTiNA's Black Friday?

During Black Friday, our online store will be flooded with great discounts on clothing prices. You can fill your winter wardrobe with a multitude of dresses, shoes, jackets and more at incredible prices. It is a unique opportunity to get some authentic looks for the coldest days for much less money than normal. For this reason, many users turn to Black Friday to buy their Christmas gifts in advance.

At VALENTiNA you can find bargains on a wide variety of women's clothing. But yes, keep in mind that this promotion has a deadline and that there will be thousands of clients on the lookout for the best discounts.

How to prepare for VALENTiNA's Black Friday?

We give you three key tips to face this promotion in the best possible way.

Download the app of VALENTiNA for Android or iOS.

Subscribe to the newsletter of VALENTiNA to receive exclusive coupons by email.

Prepare your cart in advance, preferably from the previous weekend. Add the products you are interested in to have them on hand and close the purchase as soon as we apply the discounts.

We already warned you in advance: our Black Friday clothing is going to be crazy. Dresses, sports shoes, bags, jackets and all kinds of clothing at ridiculous prices and thousands of clients exhausting our stock. Follow our advice to enjoy fashion and succeed in this sales period.

Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday, which means "Black Friday", arrived in our country a few years ago. Some stores adopted this trend that originated in the United States. During the sixties, some businesses decided to apply large discounts to encourage purchases during the holidays. This caused large traffic jams on the most commercial streets of Philadelphia. Since this trend was repeated year after year, the traffic police of this city called the date "Black Friday." Both the promotion and the term spread throughout the United States.

Another hypothesis about the origin of Black Friday explains that it is on this day when store accounts go from being red (negative) to black (positive). It refers to the color of the ink with which merchants wrote profits and losses in their accounting books. As is often the case with this type of phenomenon, there are various alternative explanations. Of course, what does not change is the fact that at VALENTiNA we are going to surprise you with our discounts.

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