Terms of Use

The Site allows you to place orders to the company TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. on a selection of VALENTINA products (hereinafter the "Product(s)"), directly online via the Internet for shipments to France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
From the Website, no special orders may be placed consisting, in particular, of the creation of a product that does not exist or that has ceased to be part of the VALENTINA collection, as well as in no case will it be possible to adapt or customize a product belonging to the VALENTINA collections.
The products offered and advertised through the site, as well as their prices, will be fully valid for the consumer as long as they appear on the Site although they will, in any case, be subject to availability by the very nature of the online purchase because, and exceptionally, there may be errors or modifications, especially in case of simultaneous orders of the same product by several customers.
In the event that a product is not available, the consumer will be informed within 72 hours from the confirmation of the purchase through the email address provided to the Website or, where appropriate, by telephone, the consumer can, after receiving this communication, opt for an alternative product or, where appropriate, the cancellation of the purchase made.
TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. will not be responsible IN ANY CASE for the lack of stock or immediate availability of the products and the consumer, as indicated in the previous section, opt for the replacement or, where appropriate, for the cancellation of the purchase made.
TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the products offered through the Website.
2.1) Product selection:
The Website makes available to the consumer all the products that can be purchased and can be purchased after selecting the carving, and where appropriate the color, and add the selection by clicking on the option "ADD TO THE Basket".
2.2) Formalization of the purchase:
After the selection and using the "BUY" option, you will have access to the summary of your purchase that you can finish by clicking on the section "FINISH PURCHASE".
If you already have an account, you must identify yourself in order to use it. If you are not a customer, you must fill out the form made available to the USER with the required billing and shipping details and, where applicable, and if you wish for future purchases, you can create a new one.
2.2(a) - From the creation of a USER account.
Creating an account enables the USER, to, among others:
Track purchases, check the history of orders placed, change data entered, both personal, payment methods or delivery addresses among others.
It will be the SOLE and EXCLUSIVE responsibility of the user, the retention and confidentiality of the identification data as well as the commitment not to communicate them to third parties under any circumstances, NOT BEING IN ANY CASE RESPONSIBLE TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. or any of its companies of the group of the possible loss, theft, impersonation or any type of fraudulent use that by third parties may be made of the aforementioned data.
If you become aware that any of these circumstances or other similar sores have taken place, you must immediately inform the Website through the channel enabled for this purpose.
2.2(b) - Identification data:
7 The data entered by the user on the Website constitute quite evidence of the purchase operations and / or, where appropriate, returns and / or modifications that of the orders may exist between TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. and the REGISTERED USER.
In case of divergence between the USER and TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. in relation to any act performed, whether purchase, modification, cancellation, whatever it is, the data recorded by TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. and entered by the USER will be considered as irrefutable proof for all purposes.
2.2.c) - Account cancellation
The USER shall be entitled at all times to request the cancellation of the account by sending an email to the address contacto@latiendadevalentina.com
2.3 - Confirmation of purchase.
After the process described and after acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale, as well as the privacy policy of the Website, you will have to confirm the option "Make the order", at which time the sale will have been perfected, although prior to the final verification, the USER will have to check the selection of products.
The WEBSITE seeks the faithful accuracy of the content displayed through it on computer equipment or mobile devices, although it is not responsible for the technical limitations that for the reproduction of color may exist in electronic devices of any USER, therefore and in case of any doubt that the graphic representation may raise in relation to reality, contact the Customer Service.
TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. reserves the right not to accept an order if it reasonably believes that the USER has violated or could violate these Terms and Conditions, if there are indications of unlawful action by the USER or for any other legitimate reason.
2.3(a) Purchase identification.
Confirmed the purchase, you will receive in the email provided to TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. proof of your purchase where the operation will be detailed.
2.4 - Of the prices and the forms of payment accepted.
2.4(a) Price of items.
Prices will be expressed in Euros or, where applicable and for purchases made in the United Kingdom, in British Pounds with their corresponding equivalence. The purchases shall carry the corresponding taxes and taxes in each state, not proceeding with the refund of the aforementioned amounts, for tax purposes, in any case, except:
I- Case of cancellation of an order by the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
II- Case of cancellation of the order due to defects or defects hidden in the object of shipment.
Cases both in which you must replenish the consumer or user in the situation immediately prior to the purchase.
TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the price of the products offered. Payment will be made immediately at the time of placing your order.
2.4.b) - Accepted payment methods
I- Payment by credit card or bank card
Credit cards and bank cards accepted are: Visa®, Mastercard®, Maestro® and American Express®.
II- Pay Pal payment
We accept payments made through PayPal.
9 When you complete your order, if you choose the Paypal payment option, you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal platform having to log in from it. After confirming your order with PayPal, you will be redirected to the Website, and a commission of 1.80 euros will be charged.
III- Payment with return or exchange vouchers.
The USER will have a positive economic balance for/with THE VALENTINA STORE in case of opting for the return through a return or exchange voucher. They will have no expiration date and the balance of the same will be reduced as the vouchers are applied on successive purchases that are produced.
2.5 - Property of goods and withholding until full payment.
The products purchased will continue to be the property of TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. until the complete satisfaction of the price and cost of them.
Once the order has been delivered to the address indicated, the USER will assume all the risks arising from it.