About us

Our story

In 2015, VALENTiNA was born as a small project to sell women's clothing online. After several months on the market, the project began to grow by leaps and bounds and VALENTiNA became a national benchmark in terms of early fashion and ecommerce, creating its own BRAND. Currently VALENTiNA has 7000m2 of warehouse and 300m2 of office in its central facilities in Elche (Alicante) from where it currently sends about 1,000 orders/day with peaks of 2,500. In addition, the firm begins to gain strength in the offline field, where it already has 9 stores in different cities of the national territory.

De dónde venimos

VALENTINE Philosophy

“It's not just clothes, it's VALENTiNA”. From the beginning, the firm was very clear that its priority was to provide a premium service to all its clients. This dedication by and for the unconditional fans of the brand has taken VALENTiNA to another level of brand-client connection. It's not just about clothes, it's about dressing VALENTiNA, about feeling that all women are the same for the firm regardless of their size, it's about that unique feeling that we experience when wearing a new garment, when looking in the mirror and feeling especially beautiful , especially VALENTINE. Every week the firm launches novelties in all its stores and on the web, inspired by the latest market trends.

Nuestra filosofía


The collection is available both on the web and in its own APP and own physical stores. All the options are conceived and designed so that the client can make her purchases comfortably from anywhere.