Shipping & Returns

3.1- Shipments


TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. will not process any order whose delivery address is a post office box. The products will be sent to the delivery address indicated when placing the order or, where appropriate, at the address indicated in the customer account.

Orders will be sent within a maximum period of 3-6 days from the formalization and full payment thereof. The sending of all those orders formalized after 8:00 am will be processed the next business day. Working days will be understood as all those from MONDAY TO FRIDAY, holidays are expressly excluded, both at the regional level in the Valencian Community, and holidays at the state level in Spain.

Once the order has been received, VALENTINA will inform the customer of a possible stock depletion due to the existence of a promotion, in order for it to decide on the purchase made or, if applicable, receive it within 10 days.

In promotional periods the delivery period can reach 7 business days.

The items in "presale" will be sent from the day marked on your product sheet. If an order is made of several garments and one or more are presale, this order will always be sent complete, therefore the shipping date will be from the one indicated in the product sheet of the pre-sale garment.

In case of unavoidable or manifest failure to meet the indicated deadlines, the client will be notified as soon as possible via email.

Shipments will be made at the address indicated by the transportation agency designated by TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. which will make up to a maximum of TWO attempts. If they are unsuccessful, the agency will guard the order for a maximum period of 6 days after which it will return to the facilities of TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L.

Subsequent shipments will be assumed again and entirely by the USER.


3.1.a) Shipping Zones.


TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. You will only ship to the following areas, the shipping cost of each of these being the following:






3-6 labor days



3-6 labor days



3-6 labor days



3-6 labor days



3-6 labor days


* We only ship to continental Europe. We don't ship to regions such as Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, French Guiana, Aruba, etc.

3.1.b) - Resolution problems with shipments.


The USER must notify the Customer Service of TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. and as soon as possible any delay or lack of delivery. TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. will proceed as soon as possible to the resolution of the existing contingency.

Any claim made within a period of more than 14 calendar days from the time the order should have been received will not be answered.


3.2 - Withdrawal, Changes and Returns.


3.2.a) - Right of withdrawal of the USER.


The USER has the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving the order.

Returns will not be covered under the withdrawal prescribed in the TRLGDCU when it is appreciated that the garments have been used, handled, damaged or any other analog that prevents TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. put it on sale in identical conditions to those made with the USER who exercises the withdrawal.

The USER will be satisfied with all the amounts, price and shipping costs, although they will be in charge of the costs of return and provision of TEASER MARKETING ONLINE SL, under the provisions of article 108.1 TRLGDCU, unless at the reception the order presents any contingency attributable to TEASER MARKETING ONLINE SL


3.2.b) - Changes and returns in the order.


In case of disagreement in the order received, the USER may, within 14 calendar days of receiving it, communicate his intention to exchange, either for the same item of different sizes, for a voucher whose value will be equivalent to the amount of the purchase whose change is intended, or for the amount of the garment, discounting the costs of return management.

All costs generated as a result of the change or return of the order will be borne by the USER, who must write an email to to receive the instructions of the return.

The USER will have to send the package of the order to our facilities at the following address:

Calle Miguel Servet 30
03203 Elche, Alicante (Spain)

TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. It is not responsible in any case for the loss or loss of the order whose return or exchange is interested and is carried out by this means.

Likewise, in the case of returns requested both from the Canary Islands, and from outside the Spanish peninsular territory, the maximum period for the CLIENT to proceed with the processing of the return is 30 calendar days from the purchase. The refunds requested from Portugal and the Balearic Islands are excepted from the foregoing, which will have the same treatment as that planned for the returns requested from the Spanish peninsular territory, with the maximum processing period of the return of 20 calendar days from the purchase.

In online returns made in physical store in approximate term for the refund of the amount can be 2 to 3 weeks.

TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. reserves the right not to accept the change if once the garment has been received, it is in poor condition, used, stained, broken, washed or in inadequate conditions, communicating the aforementioned incident to the USER.

Any exchange or return will be subject to the availability of the product as indicated in relation to the STOCK AVAILABLE in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

No exchange or return will be accepted in jewelry or accessories, in the Beauty section, or in stationery and accessories. In case of disagreement with the status of the order received, the USER will have to communicate the defect of the one that suffers the same within a maximum period of 12 hours from the receipt of this; otherwise, the conformity will be presumed, which has been used and therefore neither the exchange nor the return will be possible. In the event that the CLIENT makes a return of the aforementioned articles for their change, they will be informed to order their collection at their expense in accordance with the provisions of article 108.1 of the Consolidated Text of the General Law of Defense of Consumers and Users.


3.2.b.1 - Exchange vouchers.


In case of not having stock at the time of the request for exchange or return, a voucher will be delivered for the same amount to the purchase as long as the cancellation of the purchase does not occur after being notified of the unavailability of stock to the USER

The issued voucher will be referenced and will not have an expiration date.

The voucher will be ONLY EXCHANGEABLE through the Website, it is not possible to exchange it in physical stores.


3.2.b.2 - Forms and return terms


In the case of payment, the payment of the amount will be made through the same means with which the purchase has been made either PayPal, card or transfer

Bank The payment cannot be made after 14 days from the date the order was placed.

In any case, the costs associated with the changes and returns NOT TAXABLE to TEASER MARKETING ONLINE S.L. They will be in charge of the client.

In no case will shipments related to returns or changes due to shipping be admitted.